Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Our Team will analyze the structure of your web site:

    • HTTP VS HTTPS, TLS – How secure is your website
    • Analytics setup – verify if your site has any analytics set up and if there isn’t any, we would install one so that we can track where your leads are coming from. This would allow you to make better decisions.
    • txt – make sure that this file is used correctly on the pages you want public, as it allows the web crawler to adequately identify and index your WebPages.
    • Site errors – verify that your site has no error and is trustworthy to be listed in a premium rank.
    • Sitemap – Verify that all your pages in the XML site map are what you want to have indexed by the web crawler.

Analyze the content on your website

The team will review the content on your site to determine if any issues such as:

    • Duplicate content
    • Poor ranking content
    • Poor keywords
    • Missing pages
    • Broken pages
    • Etc.

Your website content is your public face and we will make any required changes so that visitors will be attracted to the site which would increase sales.

A thorough keyword analysis would be carried out to determine the best way to get your site ranked high.

Code review

RTS team will review your site code to determine if there are any adjustments needed to improve performance. We will verify if your code is optimized thoroughly by comparing it to factors the crawler uses such as:

    • Clean up your code so that your site runs faster
    • Make sure that there is an even flow between your web pages for users to navigate
    • Verify or add an XML sitemap so that Google crawler can traverse your pages quickly
    • Clear all errors on your site so that the crawler can process your site efficiently