IT/Cyber Security

The possibility of cyber risk is very high. New regulations have now made senior management and executives accountable for any breaches that occur in their organization. As an executive, your task is to make sure that your organization operates securely.

In order to provide your customers with added security and to ensure that, they feel protected, it is necessary that senior management take full responsibility.

 This is where Ren Technology Services (RTS) consultants can assist you with the following:

  • Governance
  • Risk management overview
  • IT Security program review and development
  • Incident management
  • Business recovery
  • Business continuity

 Worldwide, cybercrimes cost businesses around $400 billion a year according to various industry analysis reports. It can cost upwards of $5 million for a larger corporation when a data breach occurs. As a small to medium-size business, it is important that you take every precaution to combat any type of breach.

Are you ready for the next cyberattack? Reports have shown that 97% of businesses around the world are unprepared for today’s’ cyber threats. Cyber thieves are using sophisticated methods to breach your data, in order to stay a step ahead of these attacks; you would require a team that is fully knowledgeable of implementing countermeasures to thwart their attacks.

 Cyber thieves are no longer using old methods of attack. They are infiltrating your staff’s mobile devices when they click on email links arbitrarily; this is how they compromise your system and data.

We can help you to implement an appropriate action plan to reduce your cyber risks to an acceptable level for your customers and the business.