IT Security Compliance Programs

  • Programs for IT Security Compliance 
  • Do you operate in a regulated environment? 
  • Is there any international standard that your security program adheres to? 
  • Do you have a third party test your security controls independently? 

RTS is here to assist you if you are unclear or responded no to any of these questions. We can get you back on track quickly and efficiently. 

Information Technology (IT) security has become a boardroom concern, with regulators now holding senior management accountable for any IT infrastructure breach. Data, which is always at the heart of any organization, is given greater scrutiny to board members. This data could include, but is not limited to, information about customers, suppliers, or intellectual property. This data could contain information about customers, suppliers, or intellectual property. 

Technology plays a critical role in the day-to-day operations of your company and should be prioritized during board meetings. Technology plays a vital part in the delivery of most services, regardless of the size of your firm. As a result, top management of the risk management process is critical. 

We understand that your GRC program may fall behind other corporate priorities. However, disregarding security will cost you if it is not addressed at the board level; otherwise, you may find yourself in the financials or the press. 

The following are under the complete control of senior management: 

  • Program on Governance 
  • Program for risk management 
  • Program for ensuring compliance 

Information technology governance, as previously stated, is the oversight of an organization’s information technology to ensure that leadership, structure, and processes enable the organization’s goals while maintaining an acceptable risk profile. The organization’s top management is responsible for oversight and strategy. 

There are six categories of assurance that must be met to have effective IT governance: 

  • Strategic Alignment and Contribution 
  • Value Generation 
  • Information Security 
  • Risk Management 
  • IT Human Capital Management 
  • IT Processes and Performance 

We can assist you in developing or improving your Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) program with RTS services. Our goal is to assist board members in obtaining the necessary information by first aligning IT strategy with overall business strategy. This necessitates a thorough Risk Management program as well as a flexible Governance and Compliance structure that is fully accountable to the board of directors. 

Assessments of technical security 

Our technical security evaluations will assist you in determining a system’s, network’s, or organization’s security posture. It will reveal security flaws, allowing us to give recommendations for how to improve your organization’s security. 

Our technical security assessments use a standardized process to identify security flaws and technological vulnerabilities, as well as determine compliance with internal and external security standards or benchmarks like PCI, ISO/IEC 27001, Cobit, or ITIL. If you don’t have any standards in place, we can walk you through the processes to adopt one or a mix of them.