IT / Cyber Security

The possibility of cyber risk is very high. This makes senior management and executives responsible for any breach that occurs in their environment. As business executives, your task is to operate in a secure manner.

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IT Security Compliance Programs

IT Security has become a Boardroom issue as regulators are now holding senior management responsible for any breach within their companies IT infrastructure. Board members have ultimate oversight of the data which is always the lifeblood of any organization. This data may include but not limited to customer information, suppliers information, or intellectual property.

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Website Consultancy

Your company agenda needs to be delivered clearly, assuring your customers that your product or services is best for them. Let RTS be the place for all your website needs. We provide a wide variety of Website services.

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Enhance Due-diligence Service

The offshore sector is highly scrutinized by the countries that control the world financial system. Pressure has been mounting for the offshore sector to properly identify clients during the onboarding process.

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