How we will help

The Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) services provided by RTS assist organizations in enhancing their overall security posture by minimizing their risk exposure, ensuring compliance with applicable industry regulations, and aligning themselves with information security standards and best practices.

Our information security team is made up of trained individuals that have previous expertise offering GRC services to companies all over the BVI Financial Services. RTS is able to grasp the structure and complexity of your organization thanks to this experience, which enables them to deploy GRC measures that both protect and promote your company’s business.

RTS primarily focus on Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery under this domain.







Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery (Consulting services focused on disaster recovery and business resumption).

Our information security team has assisted firms in the process of planning for both disaster recovery and business continuity at a variety of phases along the process. Organizations can rely on the experience and tried-and-true methodology of RTS to guide their planning efforts, beginning with the policy framework and working through all of the finer details contained in a business impact analysis as well as corresponding test plans and procedures. This is true regardless of whether the organization is beginning from scratch or is looking to revive an outdated or insufficient plan.

By Utilizing our DR/BCP Services, Your Organization Will Experience Fewer Disruptions

It is absolutely necessary for your company to have a solid disaster recovery and business continuity plan (also known as “DR/BCP”) in order to protect itself from the operational and reputational damages that can be caused by severe failures or disasters. The Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning (DR/BCP) services provided by RTS are intended to lessen the level of interruption that is brought on through a combination of preventative and reactive actions.

Benefits of Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery Services:


Prepare a written record of your catastrophe response and recovery plans before one is needed.

Maintain conformity with the regulations.

Verify the efficacy of your company’s disaster recovery and business continuity plans using an outside source.

Enhance the comprehensive security posture of your firm.


Our Process


Plan Development

Testing & Training

Ongoing Maintenance

Employing industry standards to construct a plan framework, defining and categorizing various types of emergencies and catastrophes, and carrying out a business impact analysis (BIA) that identifies recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTO/RPOs) for essential business functions are all recommended steps.

In addition to assisting with disaster recovery and functional simulation test exercises, you should develop a complete training and testing schedule, carry out tabletop walkthrough training exercises, and so on.

Maintain existing plan documents, revise and/or expand existing strategies to keep up with advances in operational and regulatory requirements, and support continuous efforts to teach and test employees.